Erwin Haya

Born in the Philippine Islands and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Erwin Haya spent his childhood watching and drawing transforming robots and mutant teenage turtles who happen to be ninjas. After years of being reprimanded for doodling in class instead of reading, he found his way to an art academy where he was reprimanded for reading instead of doodling in class. Erwin's work has included newspaper and magazine spot illustration, character design for comics and video games, and children's book illustration. His versatility and creative abilities constantly pushes him to eagerly take on new projects with a professional, unique style. A style which infuses elements of traditional figure drawing with sharply fresh and bold urban fluidity.

Currently located in the Bay Area where he designs as a Lead Artist for Booyah, a social gaming company in San Francisco, Erwin is finding it more difficult to fight evil after working hours.